Sunday, March 15, 2015

My First Cookie Cutter
I am especially proud of this cookie cutter! The cookie cutter shown above, is my first cookie cutter that was made by Tracy of Whisked Away Cutters, using my bunny design! 
I see more cookie cutters in my future, I have more designs set aside, just for that purpose. 
I used Katrina's sugar cookie recipe, a special thanks to my sister, Denise, for sharing this recipe with me, she tried the recipe first. I decorated my bunny cookie, using Sugarbelle's royal icing recipe and I use CK brand squeeze gel food color to hand paint the bow, ears, nose, flower and a few details.
Now, to my sister Denise, and anyone else who loves decorating cookies, hurry over to Whisked Away Cutters and order your very own bunny cookie cutter! There is always a fun new cutter to add to your collection! 
May your daydreams, be filled with beautifully decorated cookies!

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  1. Love your cookie cutter and your bunny cookie!