Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #2 

Here is my entry for the Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #2 ~ Shapes, on Cookie Connection.
In this challenge, we were required to take the five shapes shown above, and create a coordinating set of cookies.
To see all of the entries for this challenge, click on the link below.
Cookie Connection's Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #2 ~ Shapes
For this set, I used my own designs and my new toy, I mean my new KopyKake. The KopyKake is a projector that projects the image, onto a cookie or cake. For this set of cookies, I outlined and flooded, each cookie with royal icing, allowed them to dry overnight and then handpainted each cookie with a mixture of gel paste food coloring and water. I titled this set, Backyard Bird Sanctuary.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

This photo , shows, my cookie photo frame and the original patterns/templates I used to create my cookie project.

The results for the Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #1, have been posted, along with a recap of the challenge and all of the entries! Read all about it here...
I was featured in the Saturday Spotlight on Cookie Connection! All entries were worthy of the spotlight! Julia Usher, the founder of Cookie Connection was gracious, in allowing those who were featured in the Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge, to add the pretty, I was featured on Cookie Connection, badge to our blogs (shown in the column to the right) Clicking on the badge, gives you a direct link to the Practice Bakes Perfect recap.
Congratulations to everyone who submitted their cookie creations in this challenge! It was a pleasure to see all of the beautiful and very creative entries! A special congratulations to Tami, who won the lovely apron! Thank you Rebecca you joining the contributors on Cookie Connection and overseeing the very first, Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge! I look forward the next monthly challenge!