Saturday, July 16, 2016

My visit to our local candy store with my daughter Alisha and granddaughter Savannah. Their new downtown location, is in the lobby of Center in the Square, beside the Roanoke Weiner Stand. Find their website here...The Candy Store. The Weiner Stands Facebook page can be found here...Roanoke Weiner Stand. Stop by the Roanoke Weiner Stand for lunch and then visit the candy store next door!
An endless variety of candy, truffles, novelty items like bacon toothpaste and body wash (shown below) soft drinks and more! A great place to visit with family and friends!

Bacon bodywash

Bacon toothpaste

Rows and rows of colorful candy, with a candy description label on each jar!

For our drinks, I chose a Big Red, it tasted like a cream soda, Alisha's choice was a prickly pear, she said it was a combination of pear and watermelon, and Savannah's pick was a Dog Drool drink! She said it had a orange and lemon flavor.

My granddaughter Savannah really enjoying her first Dog Drool drink! She is brave like her mom, and will try things, I wouldn't try :)

They have more drink flavors to choose from like Sweet Corn, Ranch Dressing and Pumpkin Pie. 

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