Monday, January 14, 2013

Our Dogs

This is our poodle Lexi. She is waiting for someone to try and take her hamburger.

This is our other poodle Snickers. He would rather have a real hamburger to chew on.

Meet our new dog Cassie. She is part border collie. My husband found her playing in the road, in an rural area. He thought she was a skunk. She was probably about 6-7 weeks old when he found her. She is full of energy and very sweet. Her favorite things are eating, running, having her belly scratched, barking at our horse, Rango and playing with a empty water bottle.


  1. Sweet Lexi, Snickers and Cassie! I love dogs and these cuties caught my eye :)

    Lovely blog you have here, Dana! I have enjoyed perusing many of your posts.

  2. Thank you Lorraine, for your kind comments! I appreciate them very much! You have a wonderful blog also. And I always look forward to visiting your blog. Thank you so much for your help with the Bible in a year, I am very pleased with it!