Monday, May 8, 2017

Using coupons to save money on products that I purchase, is a lot of work, but it is also very gratifying! I have to go pick up newspapers, most Sundays, according to a newspaper coupon insert schedule, clip and organize all of my coupons, being organized is so important, check ads for any product on sale that matches any coupon, always keeping my coupons in my vehicle just in case I spot a sale on any product that matches a coupon, remove expired coupons monthly, double check my coupon and product matches and recount items before purchasing, count my coupons before giving them to the cashier, to make sure that the exact amount of coupons are scanned and taken off of my total, thanks to my daughter Ashley, for that great tip, call my daughters and sister to let them know when I find a great sale, post about my coupon adventures/savings on Facebook, take pictures of my inventory, recycle newspapers, and repeat, repeat, repeat!

Well stocked shelves are a wonderful thing!

Every item on my shelves, was purchased, using a coupon.

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